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Chickens for sale in Stratford Upon Avon Warwickshire. Hen houses for sale, chicken feed, equipment and bedding for sale in Warwickshire, Worcestershire and nationwide.
The place to come to buy hens and hen houses. We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.


Saturday 26th - 9.30 till 4pm
Sunday 27th - 10 till 2pm
Monday 28th - 9.30 till 3pm
Tuesday 29th - 9.30 till 3pm
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday 31st - 9.30 till 3pm
Friday 1st - 9.30 till 3pm
Saturday 2nd - 9.30 till 4pm
Sunday 3rd - 10 till 2pm
We moved in summer 2014 and are now based at Bell Brook Farm in Warwickshire not Honeybourne or Evesham.

If you would like to discuss anything: poultry livestock, hatching eggs, equipment, feed and houses please call us on 01789 850046

Website update: We are currently updating our stock listings on this web site to include some exciting new products. While we do this you might not be able to see all sections of the site. If you cannot see what you want here, why not pay us a visit and pick up your supplies in person?
Poultry Housing
Poultry Housing
Hens for sale
Hens for sale
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Chicken Treats

New Products

Quail House

Quail House


Quail House
Lovely all timber house suitable for quail or other ground dwelling birds.
Often used in the bottom of aviaries or other runs to provide shelter and quiet place to nest or lay eggs. Hinged roof allows easy access to the inside. Internal partition reduces drafts. Floor is kept sightly off the ground for warmth.
Good solid timber construction. The wood is treated with an animal friendly water based stain.
Overall size 18inch deep by 17inch wide by 12inch to the ridge.
The quail house is delivered by courier fully assembled and ready for you to use.
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Natural Support Range

Natural Support Range



Poultry Natural Support Range by NETTEX

The NETTEX natural support range is a new set of products designed to help improve the health and vitality of your birds:

• Poultry Garlic Granules can be added into the feed or water to encourage feeding and give natural support to the immune and digestive systems.
• Poultry Seaweed is full of natural amino acids and is added to the feed to support improved yolk colour, improved shelll strength and general health of all birds.
• Poultry Mint & Garlic Granules are added to food to encourage consumption and give natural support to the circulation and immune system.

This product is supplied in a great resealable reusable tub for your hens.

Supplied complete with measuring scoop.
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Grass Seed - Chicken Run Mix

Grass Seed - Chicken Run Mix



For repairing damaged or tired grass in chicken runs.

This quality grass seed for repairing a chicken run or coop is only produced for the Domestic Fowl Trust by the UK's leading grass seed merchant.
Containing just the right mix of grass types to ensure strong re-growth of both tough and palletable grasses. Also contains clover for great for tasty eggs.
Ideal for ensuring your run remains in tip top condition.
You do not need to wait until the run has bare earth. This mix can be used as a preventive measure by "over seeding" (scattering the new seed into your existing grass). This will esnure your hens always have access to top quality fresh greens rich in omega 3. Great for your hens and their eggs.

1kg of seed mix, sealed in a breathable bag.

This bag contains 1kg of seed mix which should be more than enough to over seed the average sized chicken coop.
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